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Planning - How To Prepare For Construction

Before you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty and features of your new Dream kitchen, you’ll have to consider planning for the remodeling or construction project . Put aside unrealistic expectations. People, homes, walls, floors, kitchens, etc. are not perfect. It’s a stressful time, things can and probably will happen. The best way to avoid any situation is to prepare yourself and your family for the upcoming challenge. Communication and flexibility are the best tools for everyone.

Here Are Some Helpful Ideas

  • You’ll need your calendar and different color crayons or markers to keep scheduled dates.
  • Firm up the start and completion date with SE Kitchens & Baths or your contractor. A complete remodeling or construction phase can take anywhere from two weeks to one or more months depending on how much detail is involved and SE Kitchens & Baths or your contractor’s schedule
  • SE Kitchens & Baths will coordinate a delivery date with you or your contractor. Delivery dates will affect the remodeling or construction timeline. Most contractors prefer to start a job after all the products, materials and appliances are on-site. Plan ahead!
  • Make sure that you allow enough time for custom orders and items with long lead times.
  • SE Kitchens & Baths will coordinate the countertops with the installation of the base cabinets. Countertops are usually fabricated after the base cabinets are installed. Be prepared for a two to six week lead-time before your countertop will be installed
  • All cabinetry and countertops ordered through SE Kitchens & Baths will include a lead-time.
  • Before everything arrives, create a secure and safe place for storage and tools and a work area for SE Kitchens & Baths or your contractor.
  • Designate which restroom and phone can be used by the workers and which areas are off limits.
  • Don’t assume that the professionals know what's on your mind or that they are perfect. Keep on top of the details and ask questions.
  • In the weeks before the work begins, you may want to put together a list of all the restaurants you’ve always wanted to try, and a list of the restaurants that will deliver. Look in the paper for coupons or discounts at local restaurants. Maybe even purchase an Entertainment Book. It will have a lot of savings.
  • Set up a temporary kitchen. Your old cabinets, countertop, refrigerator, table and chairs, microwave, coffeemaker and toaster oven can be used in your basement or another area in your home. (Try to keep your temporary kitchen close to a “water source” or bring in bottled water.) You may have to do dishes in another sink or bathtub for awhile.
  • Before you tear out your old kitchen, spend some time preparing future microwavable meals that can be stored in the freezer.
  • Use paper plates, napkins and disposable utensils. Turn dinners into a picnic!
  • Keep the basics handy, such as: can opener, bottle opener, sharp knives, microwavable dishes, butter, salt, pepper, garbage bags, cleaning supplies and dish towels.
  • If you have pets, you may want to find another area in the home where they will be kept safely away from the construction area. If an area isn’t available, you may want to ask friends, relatives or neighbors for their help.
  • Dust ... it’s inevitable! Cover your fish tank (if you have one), electrical equipment and furnishings that are in close proximity to the work area.
  • Pack everything you won’t need into boxes.
  • Make sure doorways and any other openings are sealed to adjoining rooms prior to demolition and construction.
  • Construction is finally finished and SE Kitchens & Baths or your contractor does the final cleanup.
  • Your final cleanup of your new kitchen. Congratulations - Yeah!!!

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